Bridal Veils

Veil Lingo:

Blusher: Short single layer veil, worn over the face before the ceremony and lifted back over the head at some point during the ceremony.

Birdcage:  Short veil often made of English Net, Mesh or Tulle.  Attaches to hair and sweeps in front of eyes.  Veillengths

Flyaway:  A multi-layered veil that just brushes the shoulders.  A good choice for the brides wishing to emphasize the back details of their gown.

Mantilla/Elbow:  Veil that frames the face.  Usually worn close to the hairline. Mantilla being the Spanish-style, circular & lace edged.

Fingertip:  Bottom of the veil should come just to the tips of the fingers

Ballerina/Waltz:  Bottom of veil should land somewhere between the calves and ankles.  A good pick for the bride that wants to be able to wear her veil throughout the reception and dance the night away.

Chapel:  This veil just touches the floor

Cathedral:  This veil is dramatic, as it trails behind the bride.