Enjoyed her experience!

I cannot fully describe to you how much I enjoyed my experience at White Arbor Bridal. Diana & Tracey were both so helpful and friendly. The shop is small enough to give a very personal feel but large enough that you don’t feel cramped! From the moment we walked in (I had 5 people with me) Diana and Tracey went above and beyond to give us their undivided attention but in a way that was very genuine. Not once did I feel like they were just trying to make a sale! I was in the dressing room with Diana and she was wonderful to work with, never being judgmental but always being encouraging and supportive. Speaking of the dressing room, it was large (which was nice because I had plenty of room to move around while trying to get into some of those dresses! lol) and had a full mirror that allowed me to look at myself before going out to the pedestal and three-way mirrors! If you are looking for a personal and FUN experience where someone is going to make you feel special then this is the place for you! So many beautiful dresses and my family tells me that the chairs are very comfortable to sit in while waiting!  — Angela Ebersberger