10 ways to save on your Bridal Budget

1. Picking your date:

Going off season can help you save, but you might still want a summer wedding, so moving the date to March or December isn’t a option. So consider moving the day of week. You can save as much as 20% by choosing Friday over Saturday.

2. Set a budget.

Setting down a budget to each vendor is not only a time saver but a great way to keep you on track. Giving your vend0rs a budget allows them to prepare all of your options with in your price range. Falling in love with a dress or flowers that is over budget just adds more stress to your wedding planning.

Stone-arch Saline  3.  Stick to one venue.

Having your reception and ceremony at the same venue is a great way to save . It cuts down travel time for vendors that you pay hourly , plus you won’t have to plan or pay for transportation of your bridal party.

4. Seasonal Flowers.

Picking flowers that are in season will cut down the price of your centerpieces and your bouquet. For example peonies cost about 40% more when imported off season.


5.Larger Tables

Designing your setting around tables of 8 or 12 rather than tables of 6 allows for fewer centerpieces. Saving you $300 and up, depending how lavish you go.

6. Signature Drink

Having a cash bar is always tempting but the more tasteful way to save money is to have a limited open bar. Limit choices to wine, beer, and a signature drink that goes with the theme or colors of your wedding.

7. Skip the Champagne toast.

Considering that some guest will never drink the champagne skipping this tradition can save you about 30 bottles of champagne. Instead just have your guests raise a glass of whatever they are drinking.


8. Cake Flowers

I great way to save is using fresh flowers instead of sugar flowers on you cake. You still get the beautiful look your going for without adding a large price tag to your cake.

9. Printing Options

There is no mistake engraved invitations are the cream of the crop when it comes to lettering techniques but another option is thermography. This mimics the look of engraving but is less expensive. The only dead giveaway is that it doesn’t have the refined indentation in the back of the invitation.

10. Double Duty

Think of those two for one ideals: escort cards that work as favors, boxes filled with sweet treats and the guest name and table number on it.