Give yourself plenty of time to shop. Once an order is placed, it can take 4-6 months to arrive. After you factor in 2 months for alterations, we recommend you start your search 10-12 months before your wedding. Obviously not everyone has that much time before they get hitched, but do be aware that your options may be limited due to size and style availability. We will do whatever we possibly can to make your dress dreams come true!

Call or visit our website to book an appointment. Every Bride deserves a special experience when finding the dress of their dreams. Our goal is to provide you with our full attention to ensure a special day for everyone. While we do accept walk in visits, it is preferred that you schedule an appointment so we can guarantee the best experience possible.

What to wear underneath. Come comfortable and prepared to share your room with us, as we will be helping you in and out of the gowns. Strapless bras are always a good idea so you can see how necklines should properly look. You may also want to bring heels to give you an idea of how the length fits before a hem.

Who you should bring with you. This is a special experience for Brides and their loved ones; but it can also be quite daunting. Too many opinions can be overwhelming, so you may want to keep your group small; maybe 2-4 people that you trust will be honest and have your best interest at heart. You may end up with a few favorites after your first appointment, which gives you the opportunity to come back with a few other guests.

Show us what you like. Bring out your Pinterest boards, screenshots, even magazine pages! Showing us examples of what you like will give us an idea of where to start with our samples. We also have a Google form interview that you’ll fill out prior to your appointment, which gives us a better understanding of your wedding details and bridal style.

Size is just a number. It can be disconcerting that bridal and bridesmaid sizing runs different than regular clothing. Remember that samples are not meant to be judged in the sizing; so try to focus on the styles and details of each gown, rather than how they fit that day. When you order your dress, we recommend you order the size that correctly fits your current measurements.

Trust us and let us help you. We are here to help guide you through the process of finding your dream wedding dress. Feel free to be honest and open with your opinions and feelings about the dresses you try on. We didn’t design them, so you won’t hurt our feelings. Telling us the things you like and dislike about each dress can help steer us in the right direction of your special gown.

Keep an open mind and try things out of your comfort zone. You would be surprised how many Brides end up with a dress they never thought they’d like. Every gown looks different on a hanger, mannequin, even models. So give every silhouette a try, that’s what this experience is for. Who knows, you may even shock yourself!

Every experience is unique and special. Everyone has their own way of realizing they have found “The One”. Some Brides cry, and some will laugh. Sometimes it’s just a simple smile and sigh of relief. Don’t expect to react the same way that some of your friends did. Think about the moment you realized you loved your Fiancé; “when you know, you know.”

Have fun and enjoy being a Bride. This is a special moment in a Bride’s wedding experience. You are searching for a gown that compliments your body, style and personality for the moment you marry your Fiancé. A memory you will hold onto for a lifetime. Enjoy this special experience and have a great time!

Your loving Bridal Stylists from White Arbor Bridal