Wedding Cake Trends

As the Summer weddings are coming up, here are some of the 2015 Wedding Cake Trends according to the Charlottesville Wedding Blog.

1. Metallics: Using copper, silver and gold throughout the entire cake has become one of the hottest trends. You can even use all three together in the same cake and mixing it up!

2. Watercolor: Just a little can go a long way, especially on a white cake it can bring out a lot of color!

3. Lots of flavor: New flavors such as lemon & black tea, champagne, pistachio, and more are becoming more popular.

4. Texture: Texture has always been in style, but adding more texture throughout the entire the cake is one becoming a trend of 2015.

5. Geometric: Adding different shapes and using different shaped cakes is making its way to the list.

6. Naked: Using icing/fondant is becoming overrated (for some people)

7. No Cake Cakes: Well thats pretty straight forward, such as: pancakes, Rice Krispies and more.