Nick and Kelli

MY DAUGHTER GOT MARRIED!  Oh my gosh, I want to scream it from the mountains, I’m still so excited about it.  My oldest daughter, Kelli married the man of her dreams on June 8th.  It was a miraculous day full of beauty, joy, tears and laughter. 

Getting Ready

Her girls

As a mom of 3, you dream about the milestones in your kids lives.  Kindergarten, going to High School, graduating High School, College, Marriage, babies……  Every milestone seems to out do the other.  Kelli’s wedding day, for me, was emotional and quick.  I woke up that morning thinking, “Wow, today my daughter is getting married.” 

My 3 children

It brings tears to my eyes, even today.  Why, I wonder? I know why, because my daughter isn’t so little anymore.  Because she is a wonderful woman, that deserves everything in life.  Because she is HAPPY.  What more could a mom ask for? 

First Look

First Look

Nick came into our lives early.  They have been dating since High School.  I knew this was Kelli’s forever.  I know my daughter well.  Between her stubbornness and his ability for patience – they were the perfect match.  I can’t tell you how lucky I feel, to not only have another son, but to have a good friendship with his mom. 


I was also lucky enough to spend the day with my other two beautiful children, family and friends.  To see the joy that everyone celebrated in, was amazing.  To think, they all came there for my daughter and new son.


Boy did the day go quick.  After I woke up, got my moment of thought in, the next thing I remember is rushing out of the room to get into the truck.  We were taking her to her first look.  I never got that moment with her.  I never got to tell her how beautiful she was.  I never got to tell her how proud I was of her.  Good news for me, I own a bridal store and get to write my own blog.  So here it is:

My beautiful daughter, Kelli


On your wedding day you stole my heart once again.  You radiated beauty, happiness and a calmness I have never seen you have.  You went into the day knowing you were marrying your forever.  I want you to know how proud I am of you.  You are a teacher that teaches not only History, but life lessons and

skills.  You are a role model for young teens that need good role models like you.  I want you to know how much I love you.  I may not be sleeping under your crib listening to you breathe anymore, but I am always, always, always here for you.  You are my breathe, my being, my purpose.  -Mom

Pure Love

To all those moms out there with a daughter getting married, soak it up!  Relish the day.  If you don’t get your moment, it’s ok.  Have it later.  I have learned through this whole experience, it may not be perfect, but my daughter is happy – so that makes everything ok.  FEEL LUCKY!!!  You get to experience the best day in your daughter’s life to this point!